• People, while driving and transporting, spend precious hours locked inside a smoke-belching box, while also polluting our environment. To solve this problem, the idea of a self-manufactured cargo bike was born in 2017. We believe that sustainability can be combined with modern style, practicality and reliability. With this in mind, we have designed and developed the MASTIFF Cargo Bike. The namesake of MASTIFF is a classic working dog, robust, yet docile and loyal. Born to work. Like the MASTIFF Cargo Bike.

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What fields MASTIFF is recommended for?

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  • No driving licence is required for MASTIFF. Its safe use is quick and easy to learn - and the experience that follows is beyond words. Experience its versatility in your own field!

Why switch to a cargo bike?

  • High load capacity

    Its platform can carry a load up to 100 kg and certain items of optional equipment have a capacity of more than 300 litres, so the bike can hold more luggage than the boot of an average car.

  • Efficient

    Its optional equipment makes it easy to adapt to and to fully utilise for each transport. It can directly reach any destination, allowing for fast door-to-door delivery.

  • Cost-effective

    It costs a tenth of the price of a commercial vehicle, and the maintenance costs are also negligible. With MASTIFF, a delivery costs about 7 HUF, while with a commercial vehicle 95 HUF per kilometre.

  • Perfectly adaptable to each work task

  • One cargo bike - for hundreds of tasks. Tailor your cargo bike to your needs, choosing from a wide range of options and accessories. Design your unique MASTIFF.


You can also add extra accessories

  • Carrier box

    Equip your cargo bike with an open or lockup box for transporting load or passengers as well.

  • Rolltop bag

    For those who value versatility and quick and easy conversion, we've designed heavy-duty messenger bags for the platform.

  • Child carrier box

    Our open plastic carrier box serves as the basis, which can hold one or two child seats.

Mastiff Riders

  • Opinions about our
    cargo bike

    Opinions about our cargo bike

  • I've been using a Mastiff daily for a year now and to this day I can't wait to use it again. Mastiff has proven itself to me as a cargo and as a company! The support team is helpful! I recommend them!


    Tibor Fejes

    Super bike in good quality. I really like it, it's the only bike I use from my bikes. The manufacturer is very fair, they are constantly developing the bike and the contributions, I can only recommend them!


    Balázs Vidumánszki

    The cargo bike is durable, comfortable and reliable, last but not least my dog loves it. And the Mastiff team is extremely helpful, open and cool! :)


    Ádám Vitéz

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